Elsebeth Green

Parents? Siblings? Spouse? Kids? Grandkids?
Guerry and I have had 6 children, of which 5 are living.  Our first were a set of triplet girls, then a son, and then two more girls.  And now we are proud grandparents of 8, and great-grandparents to one.

What do you/your spouse do for a living?
Guerry and I own The Green House Center for Growth and Learning, a child and family counseling agency.  We are both therapists and we work Monday through Wednesday for the most part, unless there are conferences or speaking engagements. We love our work.

What brought you here?
We lived in Pleasant Grove right by our main agency building, but our house had many stairs and floors, so when we saw the Nebo floor plan, we thought that maybe we had also found our neighborhood. We love it here so much.

I recommend everyone try _____ at least once because:
Everyone should walk on a beach.

What activities inspire you or give you peace?
I love yoga, reading, knitting, meditation, taking my dogs for a walk, traveling, boating, spiritual activities and retreats, walks with friends. All of these things bring me peace, but mostly practicing gratitude and meditation.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
To believe in myself and to hold hands with everyone else who are also trying to believe in themselves.

Have you found your “purpose” in life? What is it?
Yes, I think I have. To grow and learn with everyone else. To learn to be grateful, loving and present. I have a long ways to go.

How would you like people to remember you?
Well, I guess as a person who cared about them and loved them for who they are and inspired peace.