Korine Dellenbach

We’re the Dellenbachs and we moved from 2 miles away, in Pleasant Grove.

Our family is made up of Dane, 34, Korine, 33, Vaughn(b), 8, Sadie(g), 5, Kellen(b), 3, Nolan(b), 3, and Bowen(b), 8 months. We have Korine’s parents, Andy and Sylvia, living in our basement apartment and they’re just 1 month new to Utah, from Orange, California. They aren’t Latter Day Saints, but they’re loving the community thus far, and all those they’ve met!

Dane and Korine originally grew up in Corona, CA and were close friends in high school, but didn’t date until Dane returned from his mission and Korine had converted to the church at 21. After marrying, they moved up here to Utah 10 years ago and have never left since.

Dane works from home, for a company called Blackboard, as a Director of Product Management. He creates and manages vision and products for the tech company. Korine is the Household CEO and Familial Law Enforcer. She also works for Search & Rescue: Small Toys Unit and is a 4 time, soon to be 5 time, Toddler Tantrum Wrestling Champ.

Come end of summer, Vaughn will be a 3rd grader, Sadie a kindergartener, and the twin boys, preschoolers. We enjoy being outside, going on hikes, swimming, long drives, playing most any sport, and horses (Sadie).

We’re excited to build lasting friendships here and are so happy to make the American Fork 37th ward our home for, hopefully, many years to come!