Lindsey Ferkovich

Tell us about your family: parents? siblings? spouse? kids? grandkids?
Duane and I have 4 kids: Mallory is 21 and recently married to Ryan Wilcox. Dylan is 17. Carly is 12. Brenna is 10

What do you and/or your spouse do for a living?
Duane is a mechanical engineer and works for Edwards Lifesciences.

What brought you to the area?
We are closer to my parents and it just felt right

I recommend everyone try ____________ at least once because:
A hot bath with a quality bath bomb that smells great, candles and good music. Totally recharges your batteries!

What activities inspire you or give you peace?
I love nutrition and fitness

What advice would you give your younger self?
Everything has a way of working out

Do you feel like you’ve found your “purpose” in life? If so, what is it?
Being the best wife and mother I can be is my greatest purpose

How would you like people to remember you?
That I was kind and forgiving and accepting