I am a believer in Christ, who understands the challenges of learning and applying tough scriptures like Isaiah

Formal Education Can Disconnect Hearts

I was an artist the day I could hold a pencil. As a child, I even sold enough dog portraits to pay for a horse when when my parents couldn't afford one. Years of formal schooling, however, taught me that art—and my heart—wasn't nearly as important as memorizing facts to pass a test; or as helpful as getting a degree if I wanted "success." So I ditched art, because that is what "smart" people do.

Setting My Own Goals for Learning Set Me Free

Unfortunately for me, all I got in return for my years of A's was a "practical" degree that still didn't qualify me for a job, plus 10 years of health complications as a direct result of my last stressful semester. I was left wondering: what was the goal of education really supposed to be? Could I find my own answers? Yes! The next several years became my laboratory. I was determined to reinvent education for myself.

Now I Know My Own Heart is the Best Guide

I decided to tackle the toughest book I could find: Isaiah. Once I learned to read with my heart, I fell in love with his imagery. I actually loved the academic technicalities, too, but only after my heart started asking the questions, instead of a test. Now, not a day goes by that isn't influenced by the way Isaiah has helped me see the world. I can't wait to share that vision with you.

I am also a believer in your ability to connect with Isaiah...NOW!

Sometimes finding experts, commentaries, and historical facts to help us can feel necessary when we are tackling tough subjects like Isaiah…but you have more power than you realize! Having your very own, unique insights with Isaiah—and really falling in love with his words—is closer than you think! You already have everything you need to get started. 

Let's Move Forward Together

No Preaching Here

In a world of so many competing ideas, criticism, and accusations, I am careful who I look to when I need guidance, especially religious guidance. I imagine you are careful, too. You can rest assured my system is not about preaching my own doctrine—it's about helping YOU find principles that will lead you to YOUR OWN answers. I intentionally stay as doctrinally-neutral as possible while showing you how.

Interfaith Respect and Unity

I have benefitted from many deep, uplifting religious discussions with—or literature by—members of a wide variety of Christian denominations, the Jewish perspective, and Eastern religions like Islam, Hinduism, and Bahai. Though I remain a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and am devoted to my Savior Jesus Christ, I feel indebted to people of all faiths who have greatly enriched my own. I am convinced that all religions contain truth, and it is my goal to not only focus on our common love of moral principles, but also learn from each others' strengths.

YouTube Stories

If you decide I'm someone whose experience you can trust, I suggest starting on my YouTube channel. Sometimes the best way to learn a new approach with difficult scripture is to watch someone else demonstrate what it looks like. Between homeschooling, painting, and personal study, I try to regularly post YouTube videos about Isaiah verses that I've read, tell the stories of how those verses connect with my own experience, and sketch a new image to share what I learned. Insert your own experiences, and you'll be doing it, too, in no time at all.


I'm a big believer in being intentional about the images I choose to put around me. Chosen carefully, images can bring not only 1,000 words, but also feelings and inspiration that can't adequately be expressed in words. The paintings I created of Isaiah's Imagery are not just mere decoration. They are intended to serve as a visual trigger for the emotional and spiritual connection to the many truths he teaches.


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You've got this!

Isaiah is absolutely within your reach. As you travel this road together with me, be sure and share your insights as you go. I am certain that you will spark my curiosity as much as or more than I have sparked yours. I am looking forward to hearing all about the vision you are beginning to see for your study of Isaiah and your life. I can’t wait to get to know you better!

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Learn to Connect With Isaiah!

Using the S.E.E.R.S. Method

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