Find Peace and Purpose through a


with the writings of Isaiah

without memorizing (and forgetting) historical facts

without drudgery or
long commentaries

without boring either yourself or the kids

It's time to try something different:

pause the academic mind, and educate your heart first

Find peace in
the unexpected

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Make Amends
with your past

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Choose Who
You Really Are

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Re-imagine the
power of beauty

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Consider your
personal idols

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Justice & Mercy

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Love the paintings, but don't have the wall space to hang them all?

Conveniently sized so they can be tucked into a study journal or set of scriptures.
With QR codes on the back of each card, now you can easily share the messages and symbolism connected to each painting. Share them with kids, family and friends to spread Isaiah’s powerful heart-based messages even farther.

My Story

Even after “putting in the work” to figure out what Isaiah was saying, I still didn’t feel any real connection with his writings. I can totally relate to why people don’t feel super motivated to “put in the work” themselves.

Have you ever been there?

Memorizing Historical Facts Failed

At first, as I combed through Isaiah with an academic focus, I started by trying to memorize the geography, the names, the cultural context. But, just as had happened after countless college tests, I promptly forgot all the “facts” I had gathered. They really weren’t relevant to my life, so I had a hard time holding on to them.

Guessing the Future Failed

I also began to imagine what futuristic prophecies I could discover. Could I be extra prepared for the coming of Christ if I better understood Isaiah?

Ultimately, though, I came to the conclusion that if the apostles—who knew Christ personally and heard of him talk about His coming death and resurrection—could still miss His real meaning (and be totally shocked when He raised up three days after His crucifixion), then I wasn’t likely to be any smarter than they were.

I also realized that trying to guess the future was actually interfering with my own spiritual of walk in faith today.

Considering Politics Failed

Another failed attempt at connection came as I focused on the similarities between our country’s own political landscape and the landscape of Isaiah’s time. While this was interesting to a degree, I noticed the all-too-eager part of my human nature was quick to put in my own political ideology on top of his writings, pat myself on the back, and feel good about how “right” I was.

Over time, I had some new political concepts develop, which changed they way I saw Isaiah’s passages. It wasn’t him changing…it was me. Hmmmm.

I realized that wasn’t a very effective way to read Isaiah, either. It didn’t make me any better as a human being, nor did it help any of my political ideals actually progress into a reality I believed would bless others.

Was it all just about understanding academics and history and geography? Or was there something better—something spiritually nourishing?

A desire for connection & personal growth

Christ and the New Testament apostles loved Isaiah enough to quote from him more than any other prophet. Nephi (a Hebrew Native American) “rejoiced” in Isaiah so much that he quotes entire chapters of his writings.

The Jews today revere Isaiah enough to make him the most-quoted prophet in their ritual feasts. I wanted to really love Isaiah, too…but all my study just resulted in…well…feeling nothing.

So, if Isaiah was such a great prophet, why hadn’t I found something in his writings for me?

The day Isaiah changed me

One day, I finally decided to kneel in sincere prayer, asking God if I could just find some way to really connect to Isaiah’s words. My prayer was answered within the week, when a verse popped in my head, and I looked it up to see it in context. To my total amazement, I was faced with the exact answer to a difficult decision I was facing (more details in the Motherhood painting above).

Even though the answer was out of context for Isaiah, and I didn’t need to know an ounce of history to receive the help I needed, it changed my life forever.

These six paintings represent the additional major changes that resulted in my life when I finally learned to study Isaiah with my heart instead of my head alone. The stories are personal, but the principles are universal, and I invite you to consider the ways they speak to you.

I’m here to tell you that if I can connect with Isaiah, anyone can connect with Isaiah! My goal is not only that you feel something you haven’t felt before, but that you will gain the courage to study him for yourself, with your own heart. You don’t need expert middle men, or 500-page commentaries … you just need you, your story, the Spirit, and Isaiah.

Lest you think I am advocating that we never use our heads when we study, rest assured that I absolutely love academic deep dives, too…but only when the academic questions come from my own heart (check out my Beauty painting above to see what I mean).

Ready to connect with his writings without the stress, boredom, and confusion?

Ready to have Isaiah change your life like he’s changed mine? Join me!

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